Monday, 3 April 2017

Batter up!

Tessa, from Softball New Zealand, has been out taking us for a coaching clinic today.
We have learning the finer points on throwing, fielding, batting and base running.
We had a lot of fun too!
batting flat


  1. Hi it is Marnie k from Kaniere School.This is amazing because we are also learning to field,catchand throw. From Marnie k

  2. Hi my name is Greta from Kaniere school Hokitka. Your class are good at hitting the ball of the stand.Next time could you show a vidio of your class hitting the ball or playing a game of tea ball.

  3. Kia ora Whakarua I am Kayla from Kaniere School. I loved the post because I love to play softball. It made me think of me and my little brother outside playing soft ball.I hope you have fun playing soft ball.

  4. Kia ora my name is Rea from Kaniere School. I really like the photos they are awesome. It looks really cool and I hope you had fun too.

  5. Kia ora Whakarua,
    I have good memories of playing softball when I was at school and my teacher calling 'batter up'! It was so exciting when you had someone on every base and the next batter needed to hit a really good hit so you could get someone back to home base. Did that happen for you? Great to see you all having a go at fielding, throwing and batting. Did anyone get a home run?


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