Monday, 20 March 2017

Creating Pathways to Grow Heroes

Today Mr M brought in a board with 4 versions of the Mascot Concept for our new School.
"Wonder Weka" is the character. The Weka is a bird which used to be found in our Hornby area, long before buildings were here. It features on our Kapa Haka uniforms already.

We got to vote for the one we liked. We then had to explain to Mr M what we liked about it.

Wonder Weka 1:
"He looks like an adventurer."
 "He has a hat on, and we have to have a hat on so we don't get burnt in the sun."

Wonder Weka 2:
"I like the fact that he is taller."
"I like the kite and the name."
"He looks prouder."
"I like that the belt is a bit smaller."

Wonder Weka 3:
"The kite's bigger on it's own."
"I like the fact that he looks bigger."
"He looks stronger."
"It looks like he can persist."
"His thumbs are bigger."
"I like the mask. He looks like an actual super hero."

Wonder Weka 4:
"I like the big belt."

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  1. Hi my name is Ebony-Grace. I go to Wesley Primary. How are you? I like the drawing.


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