Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Positive Relationships

We have been learning about Praise.
"I show that I am listening, I show friends that I care, I always say nice things, Cause I'm a friend that's always there."
Animal chant
Doggy, doggy woof
Doggy, doggy woof
Doggy, doggy
woof, woof, woof

Piggy Piggy Oink
Piggy Piggy Oink
Piggy Piggy
Oink Oink Oink

Kitty Kitty Meow
Kitty Kitty Meow
Kitty Kitty 
Meow Meow Meow

It got really confusing (and funny) when we mixed them up!

We learned that we can use PPQ.
If someone does a piece of work we can: 
Praise - Positive praise for it
Polish - Something they can do to improve what they've done.
Question - to find out more.

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  1. Hi name is Jayden from kainere school I like how you thought of three animals and said the animal and what sound it makes.


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