Wednesday, 17 May 2017

What's the big idea?

To celebrate Book Week 2017, we had the pleasure of enjoying "What's the big idea?"

Harmonica makes a boy connect to a long Lost uncle. The big idea was memories.

The lion in the meadow is a kiwi classic. It teaches us that sometimes the things that frighten us most, turn out to be quite friendly! 

Fuzzy doodle shows us our imagination can do amazing things. An idea popped out, springing up... it can appear as anything any time. Sometimes when we want one it's hard to grab, but if you wait they start to come... the big idea was creativity.

The road to rattenburg. -Spinnaker overcame lots of obstacles and was very brave. The big idea is courage.

A kahuitipua wanted to overtake a park to have it for himself! It wasn't as big and ferocious as he should have been! The rumours made it grow and grow...
A librarian (or agent of understanding) helped solve the mystery. Stories can get changed when people don't know all the details... they add bits to fill in the gaps! 
Some of our akonga helped show how a simple sentence can completely change.
Agent of Understanding
We saw, first hand, how stories can get muddled up and get out of hand! When we leave things and pretend they don't exist, things just get worse! The Kahuitipua represented imaginations. Fear made him grow bigger.

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