Friday, 26 May 2017

Positive Relationships

"Co-operation is a team operation. Side by side we will not divide."

It was a bit awkward putting our arm around somebody else's shoulder, but we got over it.
We got in a circle, then had to hold the hand/arm of a person in the circle, but is not beside you. We then had to take somebody by the left hand. Finally, we had to untangle ourselves without letting go. We weren't listening properly... And we let go!
Second time around, we got there... But it was a real test of our respectful communication.

We talked about how we need to co-operate when we play sport. We can't do it on our own in a team sport. We need to work together to succeed.
Tuesday afternoons we split into kapahaka & STEM. Both of them require lots of co-operation. Positive communication goes really well with co-operation.

Our next activity... We needed to co-operate to to get our whole team on a piece of paper, without falling on the Lino. Once we did that, we could fold the paper in half to see if we could co-operate to solve the problem.

Collaboration... Working together to achieve a common goal.


  1. Mōrena Whakarua,
    Thanks for sharing your photos showing you cooperating as a team. I have tried that circle game before too and I know it's quite tricky to untangle yourselves while staying holding hands. You are right, it's a real test of your communication skills. Sports is the perfect opportunity to learn to work as a team. I have always enjoyed playing team sport and know how important it is to respect all of your team mates. Sounds like you have lots of great opportunities at South Hornby - STEM and Kapa Haka. What are your top tips for cooperating as a team? Keep on cooperating and collaborating too.

  2. Hi my name is Caleb from Kaniere School.Was it hard to untangle your self's without letting go? Was it confusing when you tried to untangle your self's?

  3. Hi it is Kaycee here from Kaniere School .
    How come you had to fix everyone on that bix of papper


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